Magis Me Too

“Me Too” Kids Furniture by Magis

Brilliant, fun and colourful – “Me Too” kids furniture by design company Magis.

These fun kids furniture/toys are made keeping research about kids’ learning behavious in mind.

“Play is central to children’s learning and play can be regarded as children’s work, yet adults frequently think of it as frivolous. … Providing a new form for an everyday object can open up new ideas in children’s minds about their world. … One way to provide a new perspective for the child is to provide circumstances that enable the child can see alternative uses for a well-known object or to transform an object from one use to another, and this is a strategy often used in the Me Too designs.”, writes Edward Melhuish (Professor of Human Development, University of London, Consultant to the Me Too project).

Here are some of our favourites:

Magis Me Too

Puppy – Abstract Plastic Dog.

Magis Me Too

Little Flare – Children’s Table.

Magis Me Too

Paradise Tree – Coat Stand.

Magis Me Too

Trioli – Children’s Chair.

Magis Me Too

Dodo Rocking Bird.

Magis Me Too

Nido – Nest/Cave.

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  1. mackenzie
    Posted December 22, 2011 at 11:27 pm | #

    My sister is a preschool teacher and for Christmas I bought her some new preschool furniture. She has been talking about getting new furniture for so long. I cant wait to see her face.

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